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How should packaging enterprises set up a team of packaging engineers

the transformation from manufacturing to service has a great impact on enterprises, which requires not only the change of managers' thinking, but also the provision of human resources, of which the training of packaging engineers is an indispensable link

in the process of transforming to a service-oriented enterprise, packaging enterprises need to expand the team of packaging engineers. At the same time, to become a service-oriented packaging enterprise, providing perfect scheme design is the top priority of the work, which requires packaging engineers to be able to design a scheme that meets the needs of product protection and other comprehensive requirements. Keyin media specially sorted out the unique opinions of Huang Changhai, manager of the packaging technology center of Jifeng packaging (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., and shared them with you

at present, the competition in the domestic packaging market is fierce, the phenomenon of product homogenization is becoming increasingly prominent, the price is constantly decreasing, and the profit space of enterprises is becoming smaller and smaller. Many packaging enterprises began to seek transformation, and some enterprises expanded upstream to reduce the cost of raw materials; Some constantly seek lean production process, improve production efficiency; Others began to get rid of the traditional packaging product processing and manufacturing, and gradually changed to a service-oriented enterprise providing design solutions. From the perspective of transformation mode, the transformation from manufacturing type to service type, and the hydraulic oil in the oil tank is pumped to the oil delivery valve has a great impact on the enterprise, which requires not only the change of managers' thinking, but also the provision of human resources. Among them, the training of packaging engineers is an indispensable link, so how should packaging enterprises establish a team of packaging engineers

four measures

an excellent packaging engineer team is a solid backing for packaging enterprises to transform from manufacturing to service, but the construction, grinding and training of the team takes a long time. In view of the abilities required by the above packaging engineers, combined with the experience of Jifeng packaging (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. in the team construction of packaging engineers, the following talks about how to cultivate and manage packaging engineers

1. Deepening of comprehensive packaging knowledge and ability

packaging engineers cannot be proficient in all, but they should be familiar with their basic production processes and design requirements, so that they can be comfortable when providing design schemes

2. Accumulation of product design experience

packaging is dependent on products, and different products have different requirements for packaging design. No matter what kind of product packaging is designed, packaging engineers need to be good at this field, which is based on participating in enough design projects and continuous experience accumulation

3. Cultivation of management ability

management ability is not innate and can be cultivated in daily drops. Generally speaking, the team building of packaging designers is echelon: Senior Packaging Engineer in charge, packaging engineer intern

4. Training of sales communication skills

every packaging scheme is the work of packaging engineers. How to more effectively convey their own schemes and ideas to salespersons and customers, so that they can understand and understand the scheme, is what every packaging designer must be competent for

of course, an excellent packaging engineer also has great competitiveness in the face of other positions. They can transfer to marketing, sales, procurement, quality control, etc. according to their own interests and plans. Because the hydraulic experimental machine belongs to the Department of precision instruments and equipment. In this sense, the establishment of the packaging engineer team will become a base for the training and output of talents within the enterprise, making the whole team more professional and focused

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