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How should domestic LED lamp enterprises make efforts

when driving, lighting lamps are indispensable, and the main functions of automotive lamps are two points: first, lighting function, that is, lighting roads, traffic signs, pedestrians, other vehicles, etc., to identify signs and obstacles; The second is the signal function, that is, the signal that shows the existence of the vehicle and conveys the driving state of the vehicle. Therefore, automobile lamps can also be mainly divided into lighting lamps and signal lamps according to their functions. Lighting lamps mainly include headlamp, front fog lamp, reversing lamp, license plate lamp, wall lamp, ceiling lamp, door lamp, trunk lamp, reading lamp, step lamp, engine compartment lamp, etc; Signal lamps mainly include position lamps, clearance lamps, turn signals, driving lamps, parking lamps, brake lamps, rear fog lamps, reply transmitters, and various indicator and warning lamps in the vehicle

relevant information shows that the number of lamp assemblies in a medium and high-end car is about 30

automotive lamps are divided by light sources, mainly including incandescent lamps, halogen lamps, xenon lamps, LED lamps, laser lamps, etc. LED lamps not only have strong advantages in environmental protection and energy saving, but also are more free and changeable in shape and color. They can be used for various purposes, and are favored by manufacturers and consumers. With the problem of cost and stability being solved, LED lamps will be more widely used

according to the data of LED Research Institute of higher industry and research, 3.1 the effective journey shows that in 2017, the penetration rate of LED headlamps in China was only 8.5%, the penetration rate of LED fog lamps was 10%, and the penetration rate of daytime running lamps and tail lamps exceeded 50%; In 2017, the market scale of LED automotive lamp front decoration reached 22.4 billion yuan, with a year-on-year increase of 14.2%. LED headlamps benefited from the decline in price and the rapid increase in penetration, and its market scale reached 4.32 billion yuan, with a year-on-year increase of more than 50%. This also made domestic and foreign lamp and LED lamp device enterprises accelerate the layout of LED headlamp market

we compare LED headlamps with other types of lamps as follows:

compared with halogen lamps and xenon lamps, LED headlamps have long service life, high luminous efficiency, fast response speed, good anti vibration performance, and LED headlamps can be made very thin, which is very conducive to modeling; And there is no need to worry about the impact of the heat of the light source on the lamps. Compared with laser headlamps, LED automotive lighting has a strong cost advantage. In addition, LED can meet the requirements of future adb/matrix intelligent headlamps and other light-emitting devices. The penetration rate of LED headlamps has been rapidly increased. At present, more than 200000 medium and high-end models in China have basically been equipped with LED headlamps. With the further decline of the price of LED headlamps in the future, LED headlights will further penetrate into cars in 10000 areas

although LED is more and more used in automotive lighting, the domestic LED lamps and LED light-emitting devices market is mainly dominated by foreign countries. At present, the domestic automotive lamps and lanterns industry has formed a competitive pattern of one super and many strong. Yichao is a small company in Shanghai. Many of the top companies include foreign-funded enterprises represented by Valeo, Stanley, Hella, Marelli and Damao vireco. These foreign-funded enterprises have a market share of more than 60% in domestic automotive lighting, while domestic LED automotive lighting devices are mainly occupied by OSRAM, Lumileds and Nichia. The market share of the three companies in China is more than 80%, and the market share of domestic enterprises is less than 10%

ggii believes that the reasons for the following situation include:

1. The domestic LED lamp market is mainly occupied by joint ventures or foreign capital, and its supply chain is relatively fixed, which is difficult to break. In addition, considering the reliability of products, the main engine manufacturer will generally designate LED lamp manufacturers to use OSRAM or Lumileds devices. Therefore, at present, domestic LED lamp devices are mainly foreign products

2. The entry threshold of LED lamps is high, and the technical reserves of domestic enterprises are insufficient. Taking LED automotive lighting devices as an example, the LED light-emitting devices used in automobiles in LED automotive lighting need to reach the vehicle specification level, requiring high luminous efficiency and good temperature resistance. At the same time, the stability and consistency of LED chips are very high, requiring enterprises to pass TS16949, LED devices are required to pass the aecq101 or aecq102 system certification (LED chip tj=150 ℃ (headlamp requires 175 ℃)), and the technical threshold is high. Coupled with the late layout of domestic led enterprises, the technology is relatively backward, so the domestic LED automotive lighting market is basically dominated by foreign enterprises

in order to break the situation that led lamps are dominated by overseas giants, GGII's suggestions to domestic led enterprises are as follows:

1. Facing the front mounted market with high threshold, domestic led enterprises can first make efforts in the rear mounted market of lamps; In the first half of 2018, the domestic car ownership reached 229million. According to the annual lamp replacement rate of 5%, 50% of LED lamps will be replaced. In the future, there will be a demand for at least 5.72 million LED lamps every year, and the market volume is also considerable

2. Interior lighting is followed by exterior lighting. Led exterior lighting, especially headlights, is very important for vehicle safety. In addition, the use environment is relatively poor, the power of lighting devices is high, and there are high requirements for heat dissipation and reliability. Therefore, its technical threshold is much higher than that of interior lighting. Under the condition of relatively weak technology accumulation, domestic enterprises can take the lead in focusing on interior lighting or starting from environmental protection

3. To be the first to focus on self-determination, we must choose the air drying system to realize the brand. Compared with joint venture and foreign-funded vehicle enterprises, especially some emerging new energy vehicle enterprises, they are relatively open to domestic suppliers and have a high degree of acceptance of domestic LED lighting devices. Domestic LED lamp, module and device enterprises can take the lead in starting from these main engine plants

4. For domestic LED chip and packaging enterprises with strong financial strength, they can also consider the layout of LED automotive lighting modules and lamp links by acquiring or controlling shares. At present, both Hongli Zhihui and Ruifeng Optoelectronics in China have mainly engaged in hydraulic universal testing machine, electronic universal testing machine, friction and wear test, pressure testing machine, tensile testing machine, change testing machine Material impact testing machines are laid out in the link of lamps and lanterns, and San'an optoelectronics is the whole industrial chain that connects chips, devices, modules and lamps

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