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2016 domestic and foreign Robot Market Outlook: five highlights

domestic market: China's industrial robot market demand has surged since 2010. In 2013, China became the world's largest robot market, accounting for 20% of the global total share. The sales volume of robots was 36560 units, and by 2014, the sales volume had reached 56000 units. During, the annual average growth rate of China's industrial robot installation was 36%

according to the "analysis report on production and marketing demand prediction, transformation and upgrading of China's industrial robot industry in", China has now become the world's largest industrial robot consumer market. The data show that in 2014, China sold 57000 industrial robots, accounting for about a quarter of the global sales. Among them, more than half of the industrial robot market is occupied by foreign brands, while the sales volume of local industrial robot brands is only 16000 units. With the shortage of labor and the loss of demographic dividends, the global industrial robot market demand is still accelerating. It is estimated that the demand for robots in the mainland is expected to reach 95000 units in 2016

observation of robot market at home and abroad

international market: in 2013, the global robot sales increased by 12%, reaching Taiwan, of which about 70% were sold to Japan, China, the United States, South Korea and Germany. The sales of industrial robots in the automotive industry, chemical industry, plastic industry and food industry continued to increase, and the installation of robots in the electrical/electronic industry also increased. During the year, the average annual growth rate of robot installation was about 9.5%. The development of automobile industry and electrical and electronic industry is the main factor for the strong growth of industrial robot installation. In addition, the demand of metal processing, chemical plastics and other industries is also rising rapidly

the domestic and foreign robot industry is booming, and the hot spot direction is controlled in advance.

domestic market: the demand of China's industrial robot market has surged since 2010. In 2013, China became the world's largest robot market, accounting for 20% of the global total share. The sales volume of robots was 36560, and by 2014, the sales volume had reached 56000. During, the annual average growth rate of China's industrial robot installation was 36%. The market of industrial robots in China is mainly concentrated in automobile, auto parts, home appliances, engineering machinery, petrochemical and other industries, among which the manufacturing of complete vehicles and parts has always been the most important application field of industrial robots

the global robot market trend in 2016

first, the policy leadership of large countries has promoted the growth of the industrial and service robot market

industrial powers put forward robot industry policies, such as German industry 4.0, which will produce a strange phenomenon. National policies such as Japan's new robot strategy, the American advanced manufacturing partnership program, the 13th five year plan of the mainland and made in China 2025 are all included in the robot industry, with a year-on-year growth of more than 28%; Lithium consumption reaching 92000 tons is an important connotation of the exhibition, which will not only promote the continuous growth of the industrial robot market, but also drive the rapid growth of the professional and personal/family service robot market

second, the automotive industry is still the main user of industrial robots

bodevi said that at this stage, automotive manufacturers are still the largest users of industrial robots. In terms of the density of robots used in the automotive industry in 2014, Japan, Germany, the United States and South Korea use more than 1000 industrial robots per 10000 people, compared with 305 in the mainland. As Japan, Germany, the United States and South Korea are all major countries in the automotive industry, the main demand for industrial robots in the future will still lie in the automotive industry

third, the dual arm cooperative robot is a new bright spot in the industrial robot market

baidewei pointed out that with the continuous growth of personnel costs, the burden of personnel costs, including large assembly and OEM factories and small and medium-sized enterprises, is heavy compared with the steady growth of the overall domestic market demand for plastic machinery in China. Coupled with the serious aging of the population and the shortage of labor in the country, the dual arm cooperative robot has become its solution to reduce personnel costs, improve production efficiency and fill the labor gap. At the 2015 Tokyo International Robot Exhibition, global robot manufacturers vigorously promoted their cooperative robot products

fourth, the growth momentum of the service robot market is very promising

in terms of service robots, at this stage, the overall market is supported by floor sweeping robots, entertainment robots and medical care machines. Baidewei said that the progress of artificial intelligence has made service robots have the function of communicating and interacting with human beings, and promoted life companion service robots to become a new force in the market. In addition, the aging of agriculture in some countries and regions is becoming more and more serious, which also drives the growing demand for agricultural robots

fifth, intelligent security creates new products and brings new opportunities

since 2015, the prosperity of the domestic security industry has continued to decline. Although taking advantage of the Internet, it is difficult for the security market to highlight the limitations of the original products. In the current security market, fixed-point monitoring is mainly used, which brings convenience to people's security work, but the monitoring scope is limited and the flexibility of monitoring is weak. As a new product, security robot can not only replace people to complete the monitoring and security work in important occasions, but also realize data collection and form a complete monitoring system. It has an absolute advantage in the safety price of more than 400 yuan/cubic meter lower than the products of mainstream enterprises. Therefore, it is necessary for security robots to exist in the market. With the application of smart cities and big data, the prospect of security robots is promising

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