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Sales Manager, how should you contribute to the brand strategic link?

many sales managers believe that brand building has nothing to do with them, it's the business of the marketing department. At the same time, most of their carbon fiber composites are also used in the leap-x1c engine of C919. People in China also believe that as long as they advertise with a large amount of money, the sales volume is easy to rise, and the brand naturally becomes a strong brand

this view has formed two major misunderstandings of sales managers

myth 1: only a large amount of investment can produce a strong brand

this is a voice that the author often hears when interviewing sales executives before training sales personnel for many times, especially in private enterprises

this view is obviously flawed. On the one hand, the building of strong brands does not necessarily depend on large-scale advertising investment. The author has mentioned in many articles that whether to invest a lot of advertising has something to do with the business model of enterprises. Enterprises in some industries do not necessarily need a strong publicity offensive to create a strong brand

on the other hand, we should be clear about the concept of strong brands. Strong brands are not generally understood. Brands with high popularity are strong brands. Here we put forward a clear-cut view: famous brands ≠ strong brands. In fact, what we call a high-profile brand is equal to a famous brand, but there is still a certain gap with a strong brand. Generally speaking, a strong brand has the following characteristics: ① it has a high brand awareness; ② It has strong brand differences and brand added value; ③ Have certain brand premium ability; ④ Rich brand association and positive psychological experience; ⑤ Have a certain sense of value and prestige. Only with these five characteristics can it be called a strong brand, and most famous brands cannot have the characteristics of these five strong brands at the same time

Myth 2: branding is the business of the marketing department and has nothing to do with us

this view is a common one, which seems to be somewhat separated from the electronic universal experimental machine departmentalism with both arms and the work of the market department. The marketing department and the sales department are originally the two core tasks of marketing, and building a strong brand is no exception. Only with the tacit cooperation between the marketing department and the sales department can we actively promote the development and progress of the brand. If we act independently, it will inevitably violate the principle of brand information consistency, which is not conducive to brand construction and development, not to mention building a strong brand

all strong brands must be the result of the coordinated development of publicity and sales. They all carry out detailed division of labor and coordination according to the standards of brand strategy. Only in this way can we create a strong brand

how should sales managers contribute to brand strategy

1. Do a good job in brand publicity among dealers

the sales manager and the Department he leads should first pass on the brand information to dealers, so that all dealers can clarify the brand information of the company. Let all dealers understand the brand vision and what is the core value of the brand? And brand management rules specifically for distribution. In this way, we can increase confidence for dealers through brand vision and fine brand planning; At the same time, the dealers' understanding of the core values of the brand can be used to effectively penetrate the brand information to downstream customers and business personnel; By understanding the brand management rules, we can effectively interpret the core of the brand when carrying out promotions and other activities

in this link, although the training of brand strategy must be aimed at dealers, it is more important that sales managers and salespeople constantly instill in daily visits. Only when the sales team carries out brand publicity in addition to dealing with orders, distribution, collection and other work in daily work, can the brand information be rooted in the hearts of dealers

2. The sales department should ensure the smooth flow of channels

the purpose of building a brand is to do better sales. Without the cooperation of channels, no matter how good the brand strategic planning is, it is useless. Therefore, we say that building a brand requires the hard support of channels

the smooth channel itself is one of the important tasks of the sales department. Many companies blindly pursue sales, often the result is just inventory transfer, transferring products from the company's warehouse to the dealer's warehouse, forming a large number of inventory and sales. The sales department required by the brand strategy is not to form inventory and sales, but to ensure the smooth flow of products in the channel, push products in front of consumers, and effectively release brand information to consumers

3. The sales department should do a good job in the construction of terminal vividness

the construction of terminal vividness is the last link for consumers to contact the brand information before buying. The sales department can complete the interpretation of the brand and the creation of the sales atmosphere through the construction of terminal vividness. This can not only effectively convey the brand information, but also promote the growth of sales

in fact, the terminal is an effective carrier for brand information dissemination. It is also the best place for the sales department to effectively cooperate with the marketing department

4. Do a good job of process assessment

in order to enable all sales personnel to seriously implement the work related to brand construction and complete the effective penetration of channel and terminal brand information, we must do a good job of process assessment for the sales department, not result assessment

there is a famous saying in management that "employees will always do what you assess, never what you hope!" It just explains this truth

5. Design the sales strategy, layout and overall sales identification system according to the core value of the brand and brand strategic positioning

in addition to completing brand building in daily work, the sales department should also focus on brand strategy in terms of sales strategy and layout. For example, according to the brand strategic positioning, brand tonality and other information, complete the layout of channels, terminal structure design and other work. (end)

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