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How strong is the performance of China Rainbow 7 UAV: the stealth level catches up with F35

[text/observer block open source] on November 7, the observer Zhuhai Air Show reporting team interviewed Caihong company of Aerospace Science and technology group about the relevant information of "Rainbow 7" large UAV, and the completion and operation of the project. According to the technical director of the "Rainbow" UAV, this UAV is scheduled to fly for the first time next year as early as next year. The aircraft has more than 10 hours of blank time, with a bomb load of up to 2 tons, and has stealth performance no less than that of the U.S. F-117A aircraft

this time, the engineering prototype of "Rainbow durable 7" is displayed, which is mainly used to study the feasibility of its internal layout. It is expected to fly for the first time next year at the earliest.

according to a technical director of "Rainbow" company, the primary goal of "Rainbow 7" UAV is to target the domestic market, and it can also be sold abroad in the future. The performance of foreign trade models may be different from that of self-use models

based on the previously published data, the designed maximum takeoff weight of "Rainbow 7" UAV is 13 tons, the maximum flight speed is Mach 0.75, and the normal flight speed is 0 Mach 6

in the interview, the technical director of rainbow company revealed that the design load of the aircraft can reach 2 tons, and its bomb compartment can accommodate domestic anti radiation missiles. This method is based on the anti-ship missile weapon when the test piece is under ozone attack in the stretched state, which will have strong attack capability in the future

the power will use two turbofan engines with a thrust of about 5 tons, and the maximum takeoff weight can reach 13 tons. Keep the blank time for 12 hours

"Rainbow 7" has large bomb compartments on the left and right sides of its abdomen, and the weapon load can reach 2 tons

according to the flight speed of Mach 0.6, its maximum range can reach an amazing 10800 km level

compared with the previous "Rainbow" UAV, which emphasizes the integration of observation and combat, and its main reconnaissance, the "Rainbow 7" emphasizes more on attack ability, and its primary design task is to attack the important targets of the enemy's close protection

as for the stealth level of the aircraft, it is revealed that its front radar reflection cross-sectional area has reached the order of 0.01 square meters, which is similar to the U.S. F-117A "Nighthawk" stealth aircraft or F-35

in addition, the design task of this flying 4 and rubber low temperature brittleness experimental machine after each use, in addition to the usual shore based deployment, also takes into account the needs of boarding

the "Rainbow 7" on display this time is an engineering prototype, and its landing gear is from mature combat aircraft in active service

in addition to the attack mission, "Rainbow 7" can also rely on its strong stealth performance to carry out reconnaissance missions. In the future, the aircraft can install SAR radar at the leading edge of the wing, and will also install the corresponding photoelectric load, which can give consideration to precision strike and reconnaissance

in the future, the aircraft will also be able to conduct joint and cooperative operations with advanced manned combat aircraft

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