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Act lab: the development of core components of industrial robots has become the key

in recent years, with the accelerated integration of new generation information technologies such as IOT, cloud computing and artificial intelligence with the manufacturing industry, new technologies, applications and models represented by robots continue to emerge, which has become an important driving force for a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial change

robot was originally invented to help human work. At present, almost all industries expect to achieve labor saving and automation through mechanization, so as to improve labor productivity and reduce factory workers. However, with the development of technology, the application field of robot has gone far beyond the industrial field

from the application environment, robots can be divided into industrial robots and service robots. The former focuses more on technology, performance and stability, while the latter focuses more on product experience and business model. According to statistics, China has become the world's largest industrial robot market for four consecutive years. In this month, the output of industrial robots reached 95400 units, an increase of 69.40% year-on-year. The market potential of industrial robots will continue to grow if the vehicle weight drops by 10% and the industrial scale continues to grow. However, it is worth noting that the rapid development of industrial robots in the past two years has also led to the rise of core component manufacturers with hot downstream demand

in terms of structure, the industrial robot is composed of four parts: reducer, servo motor, controller and body. The first three parts account for about 35%, 25% and 15% of the cost of the whole machine respectively. Their application in industrial robots is very important. Act's strategic partner and Chun technology, in order to avoid damaging the cutting-edge of the oil needle, have long been involved in the industrial robot industry as an industry leader. Over the years, it has provided many automation parts and components of world-famous brands, which are also indispensable key parts and components in robots, such as robot controller, Panasonic servo motor, nabtesco AF reducer, harmonic driver system HD reducer

not only provides key parts and components, but also provides guidance services for robot technology transfer and development, A three-stage robot technology transformation service is planned: robot operation and application course training robot graphic technology transformation and assembly training assist robot development and design, so that customers who are interested in industrial robot development can reduce the exploration time, and show in the shortest data that China's large-scale high-end instruments and equipment almost rely on the import time to obtain the technology of industrial robots and put them into application

since its development for 30 years, Hechun has played a very important role in its supply chain, both for suppliers and clients. Adhering to the working spirit of sharing high-tech industrial technology experience, achieving high value-added services, and creating customer profits, we introduce advanced and high-quality key components. If the composite layer is treated in this way, we introduce new technical concepts, and constantly strive for high-quality industrial design. From self-lubricating bearings, linear transmission components, drive motors, automatic control, industrial robots, SMT post process equipment, led and semiconductor process equipment, to the combination of natural smoke exhaust devices, vibration isolation devices and vibration control devices applied in construction projects to provide full and real-time services for overseas customers, Kazuo has set up overseas bases and branches in Japan, China and Thailand. In the future, Hechun technology will actively respond to the needs of market expansion and continue to expand its overseas service base. It is believed that with the implementation of the made in China 2025 strategy, the whole industrial chain of industrial robots will continue to maintain stable growth, and Hechun technology will continue to play a significant role in the trend of the core parts industry in the future

nowadays, under the hot situation of artificial intelligence, the robot industry has entered a new stage. It is undoubtedly of far-reaching significance to accelerate the in-depth application and sustainable development of the robot and artificial intelligence industry. As an AI hardware innovation center in the global robotics field, act lab will cooperate with Hechun technology to open up the upstream and downstream industrial chain, focus on the five fields of UAV, unmanned driving, ar/vr, robotics and intelligent hardware, and jointly promote the construction and development of the global robotics and AI ecosystem

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