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Advantech had better ensure that the engine room temperature is relatively high and plant local operation in China - Mr. Zhang Junhai takes the post of general manager of Advantech China eautomation business group The stress will increase the shear strength of the rock to match the global strategic layout of Advantech eautomation. Recently, Mr. hechunsheng, the general manager of Advantech (China) officially announced that Mr. zhangjunhai, a senior person with many years of experience in the automation industry, will take the post of general manager of Advantech eautomation business group in China, mainly responsible for the strategic development and daily operation of Advantech eautomation in China

Mr. zhangjunhai graduated from the Department of electrical engineering of Tsinghua University in 1983. He obtained a master's degree from China University of mining and technology in 1988. After graduation, he worked as a lecturer in North China Electric Power University and China University of mining and technology respectively. Later, he entered the industrial automation industry and served as the general manager of Beijing Huakong company. In 2003, he served as the general manager of Beijing Lihua platform technology

Advantech has been carefully operating in China for decades and has been pursuing the strategy of localized operation, especially the localization of human resources. Mr. zhangjunhai's appointment represents the unveiling of Advantech's strategy to vigorously explore the Chinese market, and also the beginning of the localization of the company's senior management talents. After taking office, he will continue to implement the global expansion strategy of Advantech, which should always pay attention to the problems found in the use of the experimental machine, increase the investment in the R & D and manufacturing of eaautomation products and software in Beijing, continue to cultivate the industry market, and provide ODM services for the localization of automation products according to the specific needs of different customers. At the same time, according to the characteristics of the Chinese market, we will vigorously strengthen the operation of Advantech industrial automation products in the Chinese market, expand the market share of industrial automation software, distributed i/o modules, industrial i/o, man-machine interface, industrial communication and other products, pay attention to leading the sales team and agency partners to deepen the business structure adjustment, rapidly expand the market share, improve the profitability of agents, and create greater value

on the basis of the strategy of building the world's first industrial control brand based on Greater China, Advantech will gradually establish marketing, brand, R & D, manufacturing, service, industrial research and automation education bases in Beijing. During the year, the overall construction of eautomation automation Park was completed to realize the strategic layout of the second headquarters of Advantech eautomation in the world

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