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Afforestation accelerates carbon and paper enterprises in action

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recently, "carbon neutralization" continued to brush the screen. Do you know what is carbon neutralization? Why is the world talking about it

what is carbon neutralization

carbon neutralization means that enterprises, groups or individuals calculate the total direct or indirect greenhouse gas emissions within a certain period of time, offset their own carbon dioxide emissions through afforestation, energy conservation and emission reduction, and achieve "zero emissions" of carbon dioxide

simply put, that is to say, let carbon dioxide emissions "break even"

why carbon neutralization

with the impact of human activities on the global climate, the impact scope of the climate crisis is becoming larger and larger, which can be easily identified through the use of signs or other means almost everywhere. Due to global warming, we are experiencing a series of disastrous weather and climate events, such as heat waves, floods, droughts, forest fires and sea-level rise. The global average temperature is rising at an unprecedented rate

there are many kinds of greenhouse gas emissions, but mainly carbon dioxide. The objective stipulated in the Paris Agreement is to require the parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on climate change to immediately identify the national independent contribution to mitigating climate change, to reach the peak value of carbon emissions as soon as possible, to achieve carbon neutrality in the second half of this century, and to control the rise of global surface temperature within 2 ℃ compared with that before industrialization by the end of this century. In addition, all parties will make efforts to achieve the temperature control target of 1.5 ℃

carbon neutralization is really not a small goal. It is not too much to use "ambition" to describe it

in recent years, China has actively adopted such measures as adjusting the industrial structure and optimizing the energy structure to save energy and improve energy efficiency. Through a series of measures such as promoting the construction of carbon market and increasing forest carbon sink, greenhouse gas emissions can be effectively controlled. China has taken actions to actively respond to climate change and reach the peak as soon as possible towards near zero carbon emissions. This is not only an international responsibility, but also a national strategy with great foresight

so what impact will carbon neutralization have on paper enterprises

carbon neutralization is bound to bring about a major change that will affect the social and economic environment. Especially for enterprises, the new goal means that new Asia is the plate task with the greatest potential of composite materials. It is necessary to balance economic benefits and environmental protection

the paper industry is facing the dual pressure of emission reduction and carbon sequestration due to high production energy consumption and the need for raw materials such as wood pulp. Therefore, the "carbon neutralization" of paper enterprises has a long way to go and deserves attention

at the same time, this will be a new development opportunity for industry-leading enterprises. In particular, those paper-making enterprises that started afforestation earlier, laid out "Forest Pulp paper integration" and deeply cultivated sustainable development have a certain "first mover advantage"

afforestation accelerates carbon neutralization, and paper enterprises are taking action

among the many ways to achieve carbon neutrality, afforestation plays an important role. On the one hand, as the main body of terrestrial ecosystem, forest is the largest "carbon pool" in the system; On the other hand, the use of natural processes for forest carbon sequestration does not require a very high cost. At the same time, it has ecological benefits such as protecting biodiversity, conserving water sources, preventing wind and fixing sand, and has a very high cost performance ratio. With the vigorous promotion of afforestation, a sustainable development road of "green water and green mountains are golden mountains and silver mountains" will run steadily

app (China) of Jinguang group is the first paper-making enterprise in China to start the industrial model of "Forest Pulp paper integration". The so-called "Forest Pulp paper integration" is to integrate the three links of afforestation, pulping and papermaking in the papermaking industry chain. 3. Configure a 380V switching power supply (be sure to protect the grounding) with a working voltage fluctuation of no more than 10%. Cultivate paper with forest and promote forest with paper, so as to realize the self-sufficiency of raw materials, the control of the whole process and the green cycle of forest. This can not only reduce marginal costs and improve economies of scale, but also an important chapter in the sustainable development of app

up to now, app has about 270000 hectares of plantation in China, and has always adhered to the raw material concept of "planting six trees for each tree". App cumulative carbon sequestration of forest land in China: 42390000 tons; App China forest land's net carbon sequestration increment in 2020: 4623900 tons

at the production end, APP builds an intelligent industrial base through technology upgrading and cleaner production to promote the development mode of high efficiency and low energy consumption. Before the promulgation of the "carbon neutrality" policy, APP had listed "30% reduction of carbon footprint" as the key goal in 2030. At present, APP China's 2050 sustainable development goal is under planning at the recent cross-strait Symposium on nano particles, and it plans to reach carbon peak and carbon neutrality ahead of the national 2030 and 2060 goals

accelerate carbon neutral paper enterprises to show the strength of the action group

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