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Advocating rational consumption and controlling excessive packaging since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, a new trend of practicing strict economy and eliminating waste has come from the central and local governments, officials and the public. Facing the new situation, the old problem of waste of resources and energy caused by excessive packaging of goods needs to be solved urgently

the basic function of packaging is to protect commodities and enhance their appearance. However, at present, there is a widespread phenomenon of excessive packaging, especially in the areas of tobacco, wine, food, tea, health care products, cosmetics, books and so on, which ensure that the tooth side clearance is 0.01 0.07 mm. The packaging consumes too much materials, is too large, uses high-grade materials, and has luxurious decoration, which exceeds the functional requirements of the packaging. Main performance: first, multiple packaging. For example, the moon cake is first put into a plastic foil, and then put into a moon cake box after plastic sealing and preservation. The box is filled with materials, and then transported in a large box. Finally, a carrying bag is equipped for retail. There are five or six layers from front to back, which consumes a lot of raw materials. Second, luxury packaging. Such as high-grade base paper, rosewood, silk, precious metals, etc. Third, oversized packaging. For some supplements and gifts in the market, the volume of the package and the excess space are often twice or several times the volume of the physical objects. Fourth, foil items. For example, in the packaging box, you can also put watches, wine and other valuables as a foil to capture the host. The pursuit of packaging is becoming more and more outrageous, and the trend of more and more luxurious goods has not been curbed

the main reasons for the prevalence of excessive packaging and repeated prohibitions are analyzed. First, the legal and regulatory system to curb excessive packaging is not perfect, resulting in inadequate management subjects and measures and incomplete management scope; The second is the lack of standards to limit excessive packaging of goods, which leads to the lack of operational guidance for packaging behavior and supervision; Moreover, there is an incorrect consumption concept in the society, which leads to a certain market for over packaged goods; In addition, the excessive packaging of commodities can also generate certain excess profits, and the manufacturers and merchants are profitable

excessive packaging of goods first causes a great waste of resources. Packaging materials come from wood and oil, which are scarce resources in the country. Take the cartons used for packaging as an example. Every year, the country produces an average of 1.2 billion shirts, and the amount of paper used for packaging boxes reaches 240000 tons, which is equivalent to cutting 1.68 million trees with a precision of level 1 and a thick bowl. Some data show that the beautiful garbage discarded in China every year is worth up to 400billion yuan. The treatment cost of the waste generated by excessive packaging is not a small expense

the second is serious pollution. Packaging materials account for about 30% of the annual municipal solid waste in China. A large number of packaging wastes cause serious pollution. Some luxury gift boxes are brightly printed. Some boxes are also covered with a layer of plastic film, which makes it more difficult to recycle paper. If paper plastic separation and decolorization and bleaching of paper will increase the cost, and the processed sewage will be more difficult to treat

again, it has increased the burden on consumers and contributed to the bad social atmosphere. The price of some specially packaged goods is generally 1.3 times or even higher than that of ordinary packaging. The packaging value of some commodities far exceeds their own value, and consumers do not get the corresponding equivalent at several times of the price

in order to control excessive packaging, China has issued some regulations in some fields, such as mandatory national standards for moon cakes, requirements for restricting excessive packaging of commodities, food and cosmetics with reduced chemical storage, etc., but from the perspective of implementation, the effect is not ideal. For this reason, it is suggested that the voltage fluctuation is too large:

improve the legal system. The state should speed up the formulation and improvement of management measures to limit excessive packaging of commodities, put forward specific and clear restrictions on packaging materials and processes, and standardize the packaging behavior of enterprises. At the same time, we should study and introduce fiscal and tax policies to control excessive packaging of goods

develop standards and guidelines. Cultivate and give full play to the role of industry organizations. According to the characteristics of each industry, relevant management departments, industry associations and production and circulation enterprises of each industry should increase the technical content of packaging design, jointly formulate relatively clear packaging standards and industry guidelines suitable for this industry, and form a healthy and orderly commodity production and circulation market

establish a correct consumption concept. Strengthen publicity, vigorously advocate the consumption concept and behavior of reasonable consumption and moderate consumption, vigorously advocate the saving fashion, and gradually form a saving consumption mode that is compatible with the national conditions

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