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Accenture was selected as the leader of "2017 Global Telecom IT service provider Magic Quadrant"

in the global telecom operation industry IT service provider evaluation published by Gartner, an independent analysis agency, and Accenture (NYSE Code: ACN) was rated as the leader

in the magic quadrant of IT services in the global telecom operation industry, Gartner evaluated 16 global IT service providers for telecom operators. Telecom operators are working with it service providers to launch new products and services or optimize existing businesses, and transform their management capabilities in terms of customers, revenue and services, such as improving self-service, business realization, automatic business opening, artificial intelligence, billing, supplier and partner management. At the same time, make full use of data assets to improve customer insight and profitability

Li Shan, managing director of Accenture's Greater China Communications, media and high tech business division, said: the communications industry market is changing, competition is becoming increasingly fierce, customer requirements are becoming higher and higher, and all parties are striving for the top. Only those companies that adopt the platform model and realize the transformation of their core businesses will gather the retired and dispersed scientific and technological experts in China and become the ultimate winners. This means that the transformation of back-end operations is far from enough. It should develop to a digital decoupling architecture and a talent team with digital skills to provide innovative services for end users in the ecosystem. Transformation is not easy. It must undergo a thorough cultural change and personnel transformation. Telecom operators are looking for reliable partners to build a new generation of services, networks and operation systems

as part of the communications, media and high-tech business division, Accenture's communications and media industry team is committed to helping customers connect with digital consumers, reduce costs, increase revenue, and launch new products and services quickly and on a large scale. Accenture's expertise in the communications industry includes:

digital infrastructure, covering network, cloud technology and multi rate architecture solutions

digital operations, such as data analysis, digital business operations, and partnership

digital services, including video and content, information security and IOT services

digital customer interaction, such as Omni channel customer interaction, customer experience improvement, and active management of customer value

Accenture has made a lot of investment in key areas to support the transformation of telecom operators into platform based digital enterprises:

platform: build industry-related platforms to enable telecom operators to quickly carry out business services, including digital video, test automation, mobile services and service scheduling, security services, and add a new supplement to the BSS ecosystem, namely Omni channel as-a-service Digital Omni channel platform (DOCP)

network: increase investment in team building and various assets, help telecom operators transform, enter the next generation platform, integrate into the ecosystem driven by sdn/nfv, create customer-centric services, and realize agile operation

analysis - intelligent industry solutions (IIS): establish industry intelligent solutions in three areas, namely, network analysis, video analysis, and customers and channels, provide new value and strategic services, and promote the business upgrading of telecom operators

Li Shan added: at present, telecom operators have the opportunity to transform themselves into platform enterprises, and must constantly pursue in-depth transformation and reform. Telecom operators need to get through the joint internally, comprehensively develop their digital capabilities, and realize the simplification and innovation of operation, technology and strategy. We firmly believe that Accenture's investment can help operators find new momentum, make use of new business revenue, promote enterprise health and promote the development of bio based materials industry in china.nbsp; Changchun has been approved as a demonstration city for application, and its demand for intelligent/automation technology has also been amplified


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about Accenture

registered in Ireland, Accenture is a leading professional service company in the world, providing customers with strategic, consulting, digital, technical and operational services and solutions. Based on the forefront of business and technology, our business covers more than 40 industries and various functions of the daily operation Department of the enterprise. With our unique industry experience and professional skills, as well as the world's leading equipment delivery network, we help customers improve performance and continue to create value for stakeholders. Accenture is one of the Fortune Global 500 companies. At present, Accenture has about 411000 employees and serves customers in more than 120 countries. We are committed to driving innovation to improve the way people work and live

Accenture has been operating in Greater China for 30 years and has a workforce of about 15000 people, distributed in Beijing, Shanghai, Dalian, Chengdu, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Taipei. In the new normal era, we will more creatively participate in the construction of the business and technology ecosystem, help Chinese enterprises and the government grasp the power of digitalization, realize transformation through formulating strategies, optimizing processes, integrating systems, deploying cloud computing, and enhance global competitiveness, so as to gain a foothold in China and win the world

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