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Following TSMC's announcement, Samsung said that Apple needed to slow down the OLED screen

according to the British Daily Mail on April 26, Apple's iPhone x sales were worrying. Following TSMC's announcement, Samsung, its OLED screen supplier, said that Apple's demand for high-end intelligent OLED screens was sluggish

earlier, TSMC, Apple's largest supplier, had publicly said that the iPhone x sales were poor, which was worrying. Recently, Apple's flagship smart, the two companies joined hands to identify an exclusive OLED screen supplier that can better empower the industry. South Korean technology giant Samsung also publicly announced that in Apple's latest quarterly earnings report, the demand for flexible OLED screens was weak, suggesting that the sales of iPhone X was not ideal

Samsung also produces OLED screens for its own smart devices. It claims that there will be no need for improvement in the experimental process until the second half of 2018, while Apple usually releases new iPhones in the second half of 2018. Samsung said in a statement that the overall profit growth of the company will face challenges due to the weak display panel market, declining market profitability and intensified competition in the high-end market. In the second half of 2018, the demand for OLED panels in the intelligent industry is expected to rebound, especially the demand for flexible panels in the high-end market will remain strong

Apple's five major parts assemblers all said that the revenue of the leading quarterly revenue report fell in 2018. Affected companies include Taiwan based Hon Hai Technology Group, also known as Foxconn Technology Group, which is the world's largest contract manufacturer of electronic products. In addition to Foxconn Technology Group, the other four suppliers are Heshuo United Technology Co., Ltd., Wistron group, quanta computer and Compal computer. The five major suppliers all said that the total sales in the leading quarter of this year increased by 8%. However, this growth fell sharply at the end of the quarter, and many industry experts blamed it on the sharp decline in iPhone x sales. In January this year, Apple's headquarters in Cupertino, California, halved the total production target of iPhone X in the first three months of 2018 to about 20million units

relevant experts had a heated discussion on the factors that caused the sluggish demand for iPhone X. some people believed that iPhone X was too high-end for many users, while others believed that it lacked interesting functions and features and failed to attract consumers. Of course, some people claimed that the high price of iPhone x deterred many consumers

the installation cost of the iconic OLED screen of the iPhone x is much higher than that of the LCD screen, which may also be the reason for its high price. Many apple component manufacturers expect that demand will rebound when Apple releases the new model in the second half of 2018, because the old iPhone will be reduced after the new model is released

according to Bloomberg limited partnership, at present, Apple will release two smart devices with OLED screens in the second half of this year. One is the upgraded version of nano friction and wear tester iPhone x, and the other is iPhone x plus

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