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National platform achieves national brand

on April 20, 2017, China baidibao group Wood Industry Co., Ltd.

completed the signing ceremony of strategic cooperation with CCTV

baidibao, one of the top ten brands of China's sheet metal industry, has successfully signed up with CCTV's four major channels


congratulations on baidibao health plate becoming the strategic partner of CCTV's four platforms in 2017

baidibao board and CCTV

national authoritative platform help China's integrity brand

will continue to write brilliance and create new achievements

a good integrity brand will be cut off from the Shanzhai brand with uneven market

with the continuous improvement of the brand value of baidibao board, the recognition and cooperation of the national authoritative platform will comprehensively upgrade users' cognition of baidibao board brand

national platforms make national brands

national brands help national enterprises publicize brand culture, spread brand effect and advocate high-quality products, which is also the general trend in the future

the interactivity, professionalism and practicality brought by the cooperation between baidibao health board and CCTV will greatly improve the competitiveness of baidibao board, shorten the distance between baidibao board and consumers, and let consumers really know baidibao board

China baidibao Wood Industry Group Co., Ltd. will also be committed to providing consumers with better products, building a broader market framework, and working together to create a better tomorrow


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