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Since the second half of 2016, the project team composed of Hennessy TV camera team has planned to set out to target regional dealers and tell them the secret of their successful operation of Hennessy door and window brand from their daily life

in order to create an exchange platform for Hennessy's door and window terminal stores across the country to share experience, learn from each other and grow together, since the second half of 2016, the project team composed of Hennessy's TV camera team has planned to set out, target regional dealers, and tell in-depth the secrets of their successful operation of Hennessy's door and window brand from their daily life. The leap from sales to management is a transformation of their career, It is also the role change of every Hennessy person. It is such a change that makes Hennessy doors and windows bigger and bigger, and also enables Hennessy products to reach thousands of families across the country, delivering happiness

led by regional dealers, Hennessy's camera team entered every family with cameras to show the most authentic use of Hennessy's door and window products and illustrate the facts with cases

in the first phase of

Jiangsu Binhai store, Mr. Xu took Hennessy into Mr. Nie's house: Mr. Nie chose to customize the doors and windows of the whole house, so that Hennessy could watch the exquisite home style of this four story freestanding villa house with the basement and Hennessy doors and windows

from the outside, the fluorocarbon gray exterior color of the whole house tower series is matched with the red brick exterior wall, with strong and atmospheric lines, and the whole is introverted and stable

Gotha series

windows are made of broken bridge aluminum, and can be made of two colors on both sides. The outer windows are uniformly sprayed with fluorocarbon materials that are resistant to high temperature, corrosion and radiation. The color matching of the inner windows can be selected according to the indoor style, including yellow birch, red sandalwood, California white oak, BMW gold and sour twig (which are custom colors). The standard is to install an internal stainless steel gauze mesh fan to achieve the effects of ventilation, theft prevention and mosquito prevention

when Hennessy's lens enters the room, goes to the living room, goes to the kitchen, passes through the bathroom, and looks around the bedroom, you can see the perfect integration of Gotha series + BMW gold customized color and Mr. Nie's simple Mediterranean style

the simple and luxurious court style of the living room and the master room is dignified

the little master's room highlights the sunshine vitality of young people

the gradient tiles in the kitchen and the broken bridge of BMW golden song tower are like walking on the streets of Europe, happy and light

considering the coastal climate and environment, Mr. Nie adopted a closed design for the whole house, and also installed a shutter sunshine room on the terrace on the third floor. He can adjust the appropriate temperature at will on the days with four distinct seasons. If the sun is severe, he can pull up the shutter to cover it, and he can also enjoy the rain leisurely in the rainy season of more than 100 days

in order to solve the problems of ventilation and lighting in the basement, Mr. Nie chose to design two sunshine rooms with open roof windows in the front and rear courtyards respectively for adjustment. The roof exposed on the ground can effectively help the lower ground floor absorb light. As long as the roof window is opened, ventilation can be achieved and indoor activity space is increased

in fact, in the pictures of Hennessy's case, it is not difficult to find that the tower series, bathroom door, bathroom window and sliding door partition used by Mr. Nie's family have clear and obvious product identification plates and anti-counterfeiting signs of Hennessy's doors and windows. This is the main way of Hennessy's brand authentic certification, but also to better protect Hennessy's consumer rights and interests and make them buy Hennessy's products with more confidence

Hennessy doors and windows has always adhered to the business philosophy of "thinking about and benefiting people, and carrying good fortune". For 13 years, Hennessy doors and windows has been committed to promoting the development of "global environmental protection doors and windows business", striving to expand the brand influence of Hennessy doors and windows and deliver happiness to every corner of the world

at present, Hennessy doors and windows has more than 1100 terminal stores in the Chinese market, with retail outlets in large and medium-sized cities across the country. If you can join the happiness transmission team of Hennessy doors and windows, Hennessy will jointly weave the brand dream of happy thousands of families

Hennessy doors and windows ・ for happiness




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