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For wage earners, saving money in decoration is their primary consideration. To save money in decoration, we need to start from all aspects and find various ways to save money. Bathroom is an important space for family decoration, which requires more materials and complicated processes. The following editor will explain in detail the money saving tricks in bathroom decoration to help you choose good products with good quality and low price

cost saving strategy for bathroom decoration

I. how to save money to select toilets

1. First, understand the types of toilets

understand the types of toilets: split toilets, connected toilets, wall mounted toilets, and choose according to different spaces and the location of waterways

2. Secondly, look at the quality of the toilet

first, look at the ceramic surface, and see whether the gloss of the toilet itself is enough. The more gloss, the better compactness; Second, look at the flushing function, which needs to be determined according to the water level setting of the bathroom; Third, look at water saving. Generally, the water tank is 6 liters for flushing, and the effect of 3/6 liters is good; Fourth, check whether the structure of water parts is compact, sensitive and reliable

3. Finally, select the toilet according to the area of the bathroom

select the toilet according to different space sizes. Generally, the bathroom with a small area or the installation position is insufficient. It is recommended to use the wall mounted toilet. The water tank entering the wall can save a lot of space

if you don't want to spend money on the water tank into the wall, you can also consider choosing the one-piece toilet. Now most families will choose this kind. If your bathroom is not less than 2.5 square meters, you can consider this kind of toilet

second, be careful when choosing bathroom cabinets

1. Introduction to common bathroom cabinets

solid wood bathroom cabinets, using the solid wood after distillation and dehydration as the base material; Ceramic bathroom cabinet is made according to the ceramic body fired by the mold; PVC bathroom cabinet, the cabinet body is made according to the wood processing technology; Alec bathroom cabinet is made of Alec material softened at high temperature

2. Comparison of several bathroom cabinets

(1) solid wood bathroom cabinet

has natural style, elegant grade and good waterproof performance; It is heavy, easy to dry and crack, and must be maintained frequently; Sanitary ware requiring high-grade decoration and obvious division of dry and wet areas; The general price is 1700-3000 yuan/set

(2) ceramic bathroom cabinet

looks clean, bright and easy to take care of; Heavy objects are easy to be damaged and broken; Bathroom with ordinary decoration; The general price is 1300-2000 yuan/set

(3) PVC bathroom cabinet

good color and gloss, excellent waterproof performance, small volume and weight; It is easy to deform and difficult to recover after being hit hard; Small and humid bathroom; The general price is 1300-2500 yuan/set

(4) acrylic bathroom cabinet

has various styles and excellent waterproof performance; The material is very brittle, easy to produce scratches and cracks; Suitable for wet bathroom; The general price is 1500-2500 yuan/set

3. Four steps to see the quality of the bathroom cabinet

look at the appearance. Generally, the complete bathroom cabinet needs to check whether the cabinet body is deformed; Second, look at the material and check whether the surface is cracked and whether the glaze is smooth and uniform; III. check whether the door hinge is noisy or not when the accessories and cabinet door are opened and closed; Fourth, check the antifouling ability, write on the cabinet with a pen, and then wipe it off to check its antifouling ability





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