Jiangsu installation method of sound-absorbing per

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Sound absorption perforated gypsum board sound absorption perforated gypsum board is the general term of sound absorption perforated paper gypsum board and sound absorption perforated decorative gypsum board

Jiangsu installation method of sound absorption perforated gypsum board

ceiling plays a very important role in the whole room decoration. Proper decoration on the top of the room can not only beautify the indoor environment, but also create a rich and colorful artistic image of indoor space. When choosing ceiling decoration materials and design schemes, we should follow the principles of saving materials, firmness, safety, beauty and practicality

ceiling, also known as ceiling, is an important sub divisional project of architectural decoration engineering. Ceiling has the functions of heat preservation, heat insulation, sound insulation and sound absorption. It is also a hidden layer of electrical, ventilation and air conditioning, communication and fire prevention, alarm pipeline equipment and other projects. The decoration materials of the ceiling are the main basis for distinguishing the names of the ceilings, mainly including: light steel keel gypsum board ceiling, gypsum board ceiling, mineral wool board ceiling, plywood ceiling, profiled long aluminum gusset plate ceiling, square painted aluminum gusset plate ceiling, painted glass ceiling, aluminum honeycomb perforated sound-absorbing board ceiling, etc

sound absorption perforated gypsum board is mainly used for indoor ceiling and wall sound absorption structures. When it is used in a humid environment or has high requirements for fire resistance, corresponding moisture-proof, water-resistant or fire-resistant substrates should be used


1. Excellent sound absorption performance

2. The unique and beautiful perforation mode gives creative decorative effect

3. The unique seamless continuous perforation effect

4. The coating on the back of the perforated board can be selected according to the requirements

5. The perforation process of the whole board

6. Various punching modes can be selected. It takes gypsum as the main material, adds fiber, adhesive and modifier, and is made by mixing, pressing and drying. It has the characteristics of fire prevention, sound insulation, heat insulation, light weight, high strength, small shrinkage, good stability, non aging, anti moth, and can be constructed by nailing, sawing, planing, gluing and other methods. It is widely used in ceiling, partition, interior wall and veneer. Paper faced gypsum board is often used as ceiling material in home decoration. Gypsum board takes construction gypsum as the main raw material. Generally, it can be mixed with light aggregate, made into hollow or introduced into foam to reduce self weight and reduce thermal conductivity; Fiber materials can also be added to improve tensile strength and reduce brittleness; Silicon containing mineral powder or organic waterproof agent can also be added to improve its water resistance; Sometimes the surface can be pasted or aluminum foil to increase aesthetics and moisture resistance. Gypsum board is characterized by light weight, heat insulation, incombustible, sawable and nailable, sound absorption, humidity regulation and beauty. But the moisture resistance is poor




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