Decoration cost control method to avoid fancy deco

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For the decoration of new houses, most owners hope to reduce costs appropriately. What places do you not need to spend too much money when decorating? How to reduce the decoration cost

1. Generally, when the house is handed over, the walls are plastered with putty powder. Although the quality is average, if you don't have high requirements and want to save money, don't move. Just scrape white and paint the wall directly. Don't stick any wallpaper or spray any high-grade paint. If you think the quality of the wall made by the builder is too poor, and you want to shovel it off and do it again, do it yourself. Connect a spray nozzle for washing the car to the water pipe, and the wall next to the house is evenly sprayed wet. After it is cloudy, use a small shovel to get rid of it piece by piece, which saves at least twoorthree yuan compared with looking for workers

2. If you change the circuit, you should slot on the wall and floor. This is also simple. You can mark the position on the wall with chalk according to the design drawing you drew in advance, and then directly apply the electric hammer and chisel a little bit. Don't care if the groove you open is ugly. On the contrary, this effect will make the post plastered cement better adhere to the wall and not easy to crack. This one can save you at least fiveorsix hundred

3. For socket switches, you often pay attention to some websites, such as what is worth buying, really worth buying, and often there are discounted products, often one to two yuan a package. Make sure it's a brand with good quality. Take it directly, regardless of the shape, color and style. Some hidden places such as cabinets and toilets can be used. This one can save you twoorthree yuan

4. Do not make ceiling. The advantage of the ceiling is nothing more than a good-looking, but who is free to look at the top of the head. If the space is depressed, the construction technology is poor and it is easy to crack. For this item, at least 2000 will be saved

5. Don't scratch the curtain, and directly pull the pull rod. On the slide, we also need to make the curtain outer box. The pull rod is simple and convenient, and it also saves money

6. Flooring is cheaper than ceramic tiles. Ceramic tiles should be covered with cement and sand, and the ground should be leveled. What's more expensive is that these things need labor to resist going upstairs, which is basically one yuan per bag per floor. How to save money in decoration? On, free design budget quotation. On the other hand, it's much easier to put on the composite floor. A hundred yuan or so is OK. You can't wear your slippers at home. If the builder is awesome and the ground is fairly flat, it's good to directly pave it. Some stores provide skirting lines

7. Don't build a TV wall that costs too little. Now, 55 inch TVs, cheaper ones are also good. Thirty or five thousand yuan, you don't need to buy too expensive ones with too many functions. That thing is used as a large screen monitor. For young people, they spend most of their time playing computers, tablets and mobile phones. All the functions of TV are decorations, and you can't use them several times in your life. As soon as such a large TV is hung on the wall, less than half of the wall is blocked. Maybe it will be changed into a 70 inch one in two or three years. It's useless to build such a complex background wall

8. If you are not a serious game enthusiast or professional who requires high Internet speed, don't lay the Internet cable next to the house at home. A 300m route is enough. It's no big deal to add a relay or something

9. Don't look for carpenters to make cabinets, but buy ready-made ones directly. It saves time and money. You can change it if you are tired of it




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