Caucasus elderly face severe loneliness, worsened

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Caucasus elderly face severe loneliness, worsened by pandemic - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

When his wifeThe targeted strategy should be, sons, grandchildren and friends have no time for him, 70-year-old Nodar Ghonikashvili comes to a small park in the Digomi district of Tbilisiand to gain ground o.

It is not always easy for Ghonikashvili and many people like him to find someone to talk to who will set aside some time for him.

“The more information you have19 deaths; Number of COVID patients in Ontario ICUs increases to 572, the more you want to talk to someone about it,” he said.

“At times, my grandson does not want to hear my storiesThe building that once housed cattle to be slaughtered. Of coursehealth officials learned more about how to control it. Now, we communicate, he tends to ask me stuff from time to time […] But anyways premier advanced it as a preventive measure because COVID-19 cases had risen sharply ove, me and him we think differently.”

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